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Jesse Armstrong USA Genres=Drama, Comedy release Date=2020. One of the surprises in the 2015 Oscar nominations was that Force Majeure (Sweden, 2014) Swedens official entry for the foreign language film category and a Cannes film festival winner, did not place among the five nominated films. Director Ruben Östlund gives us a family on vacation and what appears to be the inciting event of a disaster film, but in fact the killer avalanche is merely an illusion (though one so dramatic it gets your adrenaline flowing. The real drama is the panicked response of the husband (Johannes Kuhnke) and the fallout through the rest of the vacation, which Östlund explores with a dark sense of humor. The resentment of his wife (Lisa Loven Kongsli) is topped only by her indignation over his denial, which leads to a kind of public shaming, a scene of social awkwardness spiked with discomforting laughs. Even funnier is his attempt to evoke sympathy with an emotional display that is utterly, shamelessly contrived. Just like his instinctive flight from danger, he doesnt seem able to muster the proper response of a caring, protective husband and father. But is insincere? Östlund doesnt judge. Hes more interested in questioning the expectations and obligations and starting a discussion that audiences can carry on after the film ends. Rated R, in Swedish with some English and French dialogue and English subtitles Watch it on Hulu Also on Blu-ray and DVD and on SVOD through Amazon Video, iTunes, GooglePlay and/or other services. Availability may vary by service. Force Majeure [Blu-ray] Force Majeure [DVD] Dont miss a single recommendation. Subscribe to Stream On Demand to receive notifications of new posts (your E-mail address will not be shared) and follow us  on Facebook  and  Twitter. The Blu-ray and DVD from Magnolia features video interviews with director Ruben Östlund and actor Johannes Kuhnke and a promotional featurette.

0:57 tit it and quit it. Lavina Watch. Aye I mean when the dad runs you all run. Im just crying right now so. R.I.P STEPHEN HAWKING. Should rename this white people problems the movie. I know it's fake, but legit I thought this was genuine until I saw the Jimmy Kimmel skit. YouTube. Lavina Watch streaming. 16:22 etc. Baroque theme. Vinnie Moore has DAD BOD. Home » Drame » Regarder Force majeure en streaming Date de sortie 28 avril 1989  ( 1h26min) Réalisé par Pierre Jolivet Avec Patrick Bruel,  François Cluzet,  Sabine Haudepin Genre Drame Nationalité Français Spectateurs     2, 9   pour  112  notes dont  16  critiques Synopsis Philippe, Daniel et Hans se rencontrent au cours d'un voyage en Asie et passent quelques semaines ensemble. Au moment de leur départ, Philippe et Daniel laissent a Hans qui reste encore quelques temps leur part de haschisch. Dix-huit mois plus tard, Malcolm Forrest, avocat d'Amnesty International, retrouve la trace de Philippe, étudiant a Paris et de Daniel, chômeur et père de famille dans la banlieue lilloise. Hans a été arrêté le lendemain de leur départ pour trafique de drogue et condamne a la peine de mort. Il reste cinq jours avant lexécution. Regarder Force majeure streaming sur youwatch (streaming illimité gratuit) Qualité: DVDRIP, Langue: French Regarder Force majeure streaming sur videomega (streaming illimité gratuit) Regarder Force majeure streaming sur easywatch (streaming illimité gratuit) Qualité: DVDRIP, Langue: French.

Are you people stalking me? It's my Life. Lavina Watch stream of consciousness. Unfortunately, I thought that's real 😖. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Type the characters you see in this image: Try different image Conditions of Use Privacy Policy 1996-2014, Inc. or its affiliates. I've just posted my latest trailer. The Craft 2: Nancy's Revenge! It's the return of the original teen witch! Check it out. Lavina Watch streaming sur internet. Free Force Majeure (2014) HD Online Streaming - video dailymotion. Omg omg I freaking the flip out I thought they cancelled this is way to happy. Features Clara Wettergren, Fanni Metelius, Johannes Bah Kuhnke, Kristofer Hivju, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Vincent Wettergren.

Lavina Watch stream.nbcolympics. Best viewed on mute. Very Good, am I the only one who thought it was real. THIS MADE MY DAY. Lavina Watch stream new albums. Will farreli. "UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS MAKE FOR BRILLIANT CRINGE COMEDY IN THE GORGEOUS, SHARPLY WRITTEN FORCE MAJEURE" THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF CONTEMPORARY CINEMA. " LOS ANGELES TIMES "THE MOST ACUTELY OBSERVED COMEDY OF THE YEAR, IF NOT IN SEVERAL YEARS. A breathless black diamond course of social stress and embarrassment. " Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair "A JOLT. YOU WONT KNOW WHAT HIT YOU. " ROLLING STONE "POTENT. UNLIKE ANY FILM IVE SEEN. " NEW YORK MAGAZINE "BRILLIANT. " NEW YORK TIMES "HILARIOUS - A REAL WINNER. " FILM EXPERIENCE "AN ICE-COLD KNOCKOUT. BRILLIANTLY PERCEPTIVE AND FROSTILY FUNNY. " VILLAGE VOICE "FORCE MAJEURE IS A JOLT. Director Ostlund shifts gears from humor to psychological thriller with cunning skill. " Peter Travers, Rolling Stone "A BRILLIANT, VICIOUSLY AMUSING TAKEDOWN OF BOURGEOIS COMPLACENCY. " Stephen Holden, NY Times "A sharply funny satire about the distance between what men project and what they really are. " Esquire "A MOVIE THAT WILL CHANGE HOW YOU THINK ABOUT MANHOOD. " A hilarious takedown of masculinity. " Time Out New York "A rilliantly perceptive and frostily funny drama. " The Village Voice "Engrossing. " Slant Magazine "Östlund masterfully manages the marital tensions that drive the film's plot forward while imbuing the scenario with these carefully layered philosophical reflections. " Must-see" Rolling Stone "Ed Harris and Michael Peña shine. " NY DAILYS NEWS "Screamingly funny. " We Got This Covered "Grade A" A. V. Club "Damning, frequently hilarious study of imploding male ego. " Uproariously funny. " Film School Rejects "One of the funniest films of the year. " Twitch Film "It's awkward, it's biting, it's uncomfortable, and Force Majeure is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable films of the year. " Intelligent, haunting, powerful filmmaking. " Flavorwire "Critics Pick" Village Voice "Force Majeure represents what is perhaps Östlund's most sophisticated thought experiment yet, at once provocative and wise. It is a penetrating study of that most ludicrous of social pretenses — masculinity, toxic and ubiquitous. " Östlund shifts gears from humor to psychological thriller with cunning skill, redefining courage and family in the process. Force Majeure is a jolt. You wont know what hit you. " Wickedly entertaining. " The L Magazine "A brilliant dissection of gender and family. " Vanity Fair "The most acutely observed comedy of the year. " Grade A. It's the rare kind of moviegoing experience that will haunt you long after you leave the theater. " Entertainment Weekly "The cinematography is thrilling, the actors are marvelous and director Mr. Östlund shifts masterfully between violent confrontational outbursts of anger and moments of quiet, introspective feelings without words. " New York Observer "This brilliant, viciously amusing takedown of bourgeois complacency, gender stereotypes and assumptions and the illusion of security rubs your face in human frailty as relentlessly as any Michael Haneke movie. " The New York Times "Force Majeure is full of hilariously observed, brutally honest comedic moments that expertly call out the awkwardness and pettiness that are inherent in all long-term relationships. " Yahoo Movies "Gripping" Salon "A prickly moral comedy for grown-ups, full of sharply observed moments, spectacular scenery and masterfully manipulated atmosphere. " Brilliant" Engrossing and Perceptive" The New York Review of Books "Ruefully, understatedly, and mischievously funny. " Majestic. " NPR "Easily one of the most impressive European dramas of late. " "Assured and finely calibrated on every level, with especially expert, nuanced performances by its leads. " Brilliant. " Slate "Must-see. " The Huffington Post "A shrewd, bitingly comic and psychologically astute film. " LA Times "Wickedly funny. " USA TODAY "Explosive. " The art-house answer to Gone Girl. " Like an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” shot through with Scandinavian austerity — or “Scenes From a Marriage” on skis — this witty, thoughtful, spectacularly conceived movie delivers on the promises made by the far more glib and superficial ‘Gone Girl. " The Washington Post " "Critics Pick" The movie to see and talk about if you want to experience the absolute best of contemporary cinema. " BEAUTIFUL. " Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic "POTENT. A film that makes your murmur in amazement as you watch. " David Edelstein, New York "AUDIENCES WILL FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST THE MOVIE AND THE TICKLISH POINTS IT PURSUES. " John Anderson, Wall Street Journal "WICKEDLY FUNNY. A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. " Anders Wright, San Diego Union Tribune "A PERFECTLY CALIBRATED, ICY-DRY COMEDY. Grade A. - Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News "A BEAUTIFULLY MADE, BRILLIANTLY DARK COMEDY. " Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star-Tribune "ONE OF THE CINEMA'S MORE REVEALING PORTRAITS OF MANHOOD AND MARRIAGE. " Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel "It stands to complicate many a romantic arthouse date" Peter Debruge, Variety.

What to Watch This comic drama, which won the Jury Prize at last years Cannes Film Festival, follows the unraveling of a Swedish family after the father runs to save himself after an avalanche near a French resort — leaving his wife and children to fend for themselves. More Recommendations Our guide to the best movies and TV shows streaming online, updated daily. Browse By ‘Closer By Fletcher Peters Natalie Portman wears a killer pink wig in Closer, and that alone should be enough to sell you on the film. Directed by Mike Nichols, Closer trails four romantically conflicted adults as they cheat, lie, and pursue one another. It also has pretty much the most attractive cast ever. Portman plays a drifting stripper, Jude Law a dazed English... Read more ‘The World According To Garp By Conrad Doucette This 1982 film (of John Irving's 1978 novel) tells the story of T. S. Garp, writer, teacher, wrestling coach, and son of a feminist hero. Robin Williams, as Garp, leads the list of strong performances, which also includes John Lithgow and Glenn Close, each nominated for Best Supporting Actor/Actress Academy Awards. ‘McMillion By Brett White Do you love true crime docs but just cannot deal with murder, abuse, or dead cats? HBO has an emotionally-gripping and thoroughly wacky true crime docu-series for you: McMillion. The six-part series details the most '90s crime of all: how one criminal rigged the mega popular Monopoly promotion, the one that we all played, so that only his buds... Read more ‘The Kings Speech By Claire Spellberg Celebrate Oscars week with 2010 Best Picture winner  The King's Speech. Directed by Tom Hooper,  The King's Speech  stars Colin Firth as Prince Albert, who must learn to overcome his stammer after his brother abdicates the throne. The newly-minted King George VI begins working with speech therapist Lionel Logue (played by Geoffrey... Read more ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht By Lea Palmieri Below Deck is taking over the world! Well, at least another part of it, as the newest Bravo series, Below Deck Sailing Yacht sets sail (you get it) around the gorgeous islands of Greece. You'll recognize one familiar face in the form of Chef Adam Glick (previously seen on Below Deck Med) who is tasked with cooking up delicious meals in an even... Read more ‘The Skeleton Twins By Josh Sorokach If you're looking for an entertaining indie movie with charm to spare, I highly suggest 2014's The Skeleton Twins. Now streaming on Hulu and Prime Video, this Bill Hader/Kristen Wiig flick is not only endlessly entertaining, but it also contains three minutes of pure cinematic bliss. I'm of course referring to the sensational "Nothing's Gonna Stop... Read more ‘Miss Americana By Anna Menta If you're expecting Netflix's Taylor Swift documentary to be a damning expose, you're going to be disappointed. You'll probably also be disappointed by, I'd argue, almost every pop star documentary. Miss Americana is a pro-Taylor narrative, of course, but it's a very good one. And it will surprise you: Director Lana Wilson and her team captured... Read more ‘Fighting With My Family By Meghan O'Keefe Fighting With My Family features Oscar season "It Girl" Florence Pugh as you've never seen her before. Pugh plays real-life WWE wrestler Paige, a goth tomboy who took professional wrestling by storm in the mid '10s. The film follows Paige from her days as the princess of an offbeat indie wrestling family to her struggles to fit in with the... Read more.
Critics Consensus Gleefully uncomfortable, Force Majeure is a relationship drama that's hard to watch. and just as difficult to ignore. 94% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 156 76% Audience Score User Ratings: 11, 435 Force Majeure Ratings & Reviews Explanation Force Majeure Photos Movie Info A critical favorite and word-of-mouth sensation at this year's Cannes Festival, where it took the Jury Prize in Un Certain Regard, this wickedly funny and precisely observed psychodrama tells the story of a model Swedish family-handsome businessman Tomas, his willowy wife Ebba and their two blond, pre-teen children-on a skiing holiday in the French Alps. The sun is shining and the slopes are spectacular but, during lunch at a mountainside restaurant, an avalanche turns everything upside down. With panicked diners fleeing in all directions, Ebba calls out for her husband as she tries to protect their children. Tomas, however, makes a decision that will shake the family's world to its core. Although the anticipated disaster fails to occur, his marriage now hangs in the balance as he struggles to reclaim his role as family patriarch. (C) Magnolia Pictures Rating: R (for some language and brief nudity) Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Oct 24, 2014 limited On Disc/Streaming: Feb 10, 2015 Runtime: 120 minutes Studio: Magnolia Pictures Cast News & Interviews for Force Majeure Critic Reviews for Force Majeure Audience Reviews for Force Majeure Force Majeure Quotes News & Features.

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Force Majeure Theatrical release poster Directed by Ruben Östlund Produced by Erik Hemmendorff Marie Kjellson Philippe Bober Written by Ruben Östlund Starring Johannes Bah Kuhnke Lisa Loven Kongsli Clara Wettergren Vincent Wettergren Kristofer Hivju Fanni Metelius Music by Ola Fløttum Cinematography Fredrik Wenzel Edited by Jacob Secher Schulsinger Production company Beofilm Coproduction Office Film i Väst Motlys Plattform Produktion Rhône-Alpes Cinéma Société Parisienne de Production Distributed by TriArt Film Release date 18 May 2014 ( Cannes) 15 August 2014 (Sweden) Running time 119 minutes [1] Country France Norway Sweden Language English French Norwegian Swedish Box office 1. 4 million (US) 2] Force Majeure ( French: fɔʁs maʒœʁ] Swedish: Turist. tourist. is a 2014 internationally co-produced comedy-drama film directed by Ruben Östlund. It follows the marital tension resulting from an avalanche during which the husband, named Tomas, prioritizes his own escape over the safety of his family. The title used for the film in some English-speaking countries comes from force majeure, a contractual clause freeing both parties from liability in the event of unexpected disasters. Force Majeure was acclaimed upon release, with critics praising its script and cinematography. It won the Best Film award at the 50th Guldbagge Awards, and was named one of the best films of 2014 by various publications. Plot [ edit] A Swedish family consisting of a businessman named Tomas, his Norwegian wife Ebba, their young daughter Vera and preschooler Harry stays at a luxury resort in the French Alps. On their second day, they see a controlled avalanche as they are having lunch outdoors on the deck of a restaurant. The powder cloud of the avalanche gives the appearance that the snow is rising and will wipe out everyone on the deck. Tomas, who is filming the avalanche on his mobile phone, panics and runs as the deck quickly empties of patrons, leaving Ebba with their children encased in a dense fog. Patrons return to their tables as the fog dissipates, and no one is hurt. That evening they eat dinner with one of Ebba's friends, who has picked up an American man for the evening. Ebba tells the story of the avalanche in English, but Tomas insists he did not run away from the table, and in Swedish adds that one cannot run in ski boots. They argue in front of their embarrassed guests. Ebba is angry that he would not admit he ran away from the avalanche abandoning them. He says he remembers it differently. Ebba decides she would like a day of skiing by herself. She has drinks with her friend they had dinner with the night before, as the woman says goodbye to another man. Ebba confronts her friend on her adultery, asking her if she loves her husband and children. Her friend says she is fine with having an open relationship with her husband, and that she is happy if he finds a woman to have great sex with, as he is with her. Ebba becomes more insistent, and the friend advises they not argue, and leaves. Mats, one of Tomas's old friends, joins them at the resort with his young girlfriend, Fanni. They join Tomas and Ebba for dinner in their suite. After dinner and lots of wine, Ebba again recounts the story of the avalanche, to the silent horror of Mats and Fanni. Tomas curls up with Harry to play a video game, and listens to Mats who insists that we are not ourselves in emergencies, naming the Estonia disaster as an example. Ebba says Tomas won't admit what he did. Tomas returns and again insists he has a different perspective. So Ebba fetches Tomas's phone and has the four of them watch the video of the incident. Tomas reluctantly agrees the footage showed someone running, but is silent when Mats speculates that Tomas was running away so that he could come back and dig out his family later. As Fanni and Mats leave, Fanni suggests that she would expect Mats to react in the same way as Tomas. Mats is irritated, and their relationship is changed for the rest of the trip. Tomas and Mats ride the ski lift in silence. They ski down fresh powder. Mats suggests Tomas try primal screaming, and Tomas does, screaming swear words into the Alps. Tomas later confesses to Ebba that he hates himself, his cowardice, his cheating in games with his kids, his unfaithfulness. He weeps as his children inside huddle and cry together, hearing their parents argue. On their final day, the family ascends in the ski lift silently. Ebba is concerned about the thick fog. Tomas says he will go first, then the children, then she can follow. Ebba gets lost in the fog, and Tomas briefly leaves the children alone to go rescue her, returning carrying her shortly after. He sets her down, grinning. As the family and their friends leave the resort by coach down the winding mountain road, Ebba decides the driver is incompetent and demands to be let off. Panic ensues, and Mats takes charge, insisting women and children get off first. Eventually, all exit the bus except for Ebba's friend, and the group descends the road on foot. Mats and Fanni are walking apart. Ebba asks Mats to carry Vera. A stranger offers Tomas a cigarette, and initially Tomas declines, but then accepts. Harry asks his father if he smokes — he has not during the entire vacation — and Tomas replies that he does. Cast [ edit] Johannes Bah Kuhnke as Tomas Lisa Loven Kongsli as Ebba Clara Wettergren as Vera Vincent Wettergren as Harry Kristofer Hivju as Mats Fanni Metelius  [ sv] as Fanni Production [ edit] Filming took place at the aux Arcs, a ski resort in Savoie, France. [3] Prior to entering film school, Ruben Östlund had created ski films, and wanted to use his knowledge and experience from that in a film concerned with existential issues. [4] Ruben Östlund attributed the inspiration for the film's key scenes to a few viral YouTube videos which he felt corroborated the plausible situation and emotions of the characters. The director reasoned that. someone captured an event or action or pang of emotion on camera and uploaded to the Internet, then it happened in real life. And it could happen in Force Majeure. 5] The scene where Ebba demands to be let off the bus is based on the YouTube viral video titled "Idiot Spanish bus driver almost kills students. 6] During the filming high aux Arcs, Sergey Glaziev 's sister became the only person to die of avalanche on piste in France between years 1997 and 2018. Her family also received around 10-fold compensation than the next highest compensation for a death from the French state. Reception [ edit] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 93% approval rating, based on 143 reviews, with an average rating of 8/10. The site's critical consensus reads, Gleefully uncomfortable, Force Majeure is a relationship drama that's hard to watch — and just as difficult to ignore. 7] On Metacritic, the film has a score of 87 out of 100, based on 37 reviews, indicating "universal acclaim. 8] Awards [ edit] The film was selected to compete in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival [9] where it won the Jury Prize. [10] It was also screened in the Special Presentations section of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. [11] The film was nominated for the 2014 Nordic Council Film Prize. It was also selected as the Swedish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, 12] making the early round of shortlist, but was not a nominee. [13] It was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards. [14] It won the Best Film award, and was nominated in the categories Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, and Best Editing at the 50th Guldbagge Awards. [15] Remake [ edit] An English-language remake of the film starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, titled Downhill is scheduled for a 2020 release. [16] See also [ edit] List of submissions to the 87th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film List of Swedish submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film List of films featuring drones References [ edit] External links [ edit] Official website Force Majeure on IMDb Force Majeure at the Swedish Film Institute Database Force Majeure at Box Office Mojo Force Majeure at Rotten Tomatoes Force Majeure at Metacritic.

Lavina Watch stream. Lavina Watch streams. Finlândia e seu poder. Cloudburst Flight is one of my preferred drivng tunes. The other is Rat Tomago - Frank Zappa. This Cannes Jury-winner follows a father struggling with his conscience after leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves during what he thinks is a life-threatening avalanche. 0 A psychological drama that explores the gap between who we really are and the roles we have learnt to play Cinema is a fabricated world in which idealised images of femininity and masculinity flow like waterfalls from screens into popular culture. Most of it goes unchallenged but every now and then a film comes along to expose the fabricated nature of gender identity. This is the core premise of Force Majeure (2014) a film that works by shattering a father's. 0 "Im a bloody victim of my own instincts. Tomas Force Majeure is one of those unique films that you see once in a while. A movie that you might think you know whats happening but completely turns on you and says “hey this is actually what this movie is about”. A Swedish family of four are on a vacation on the French Alps. While having a lovely lunch at the roof of the resort. An avalanche starts to. 0 Snow much fun: Swedish director Ruben Östlunds movie is a social satire reminiscent of Luis Buñuel at his most mischievous. A Swedish family, at an Alpine ski resort, have their holiday turned upside down by an avalanche. Instead of heroically protecting his family, Tomas runs for his life, but not before saving his iPhone. Disasters averted, but Tomas status as head. 0 Ostlunds unsettling psychological thriller leads with the spectacular incident and studies its disastrous consequences on each of the family members involved. Visually stunning. Full review 0 Mightily clever in its rather theatrical structure, but bracingly cinematic in its formal approach, the movie has a bold, ambiguous final act. Full review 0 Brushes off the surface layer of human behaviour revealing ice underneath. Full review 0 Östland writes the conflict between husband and wife beautifully, like a scab that gets picked at until it bleeds, and he does things cinematically, too. Full review 0 This premise is extraordinarily rich in dramatic power, and it is explored here with forensic thoroughness. Full review 0 Shouldve ended a reel or so before it actually fades to black, this is another solid and provocative feature from Ostlund Full review 0 This Cannes Jury-winner follows a father struggling with his conscience after leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves during what he thinks is a life-threatening avalanche. Full review 0 Shouldve ended a reel or so before it actually fades to black, this is another solid and provocative feature from Ostlund Full review 0 A psychological drama that explores the gap between who we really are and the roles we have learnt to play Cinema is a fabricated world in which idealised images of femininity and masculinity flow like waterfalls from screens into popular culture. 0.

Release Date: October 24th, 2014 R, 2 hr 0 min Plot Summary A man's selfish reaction to the danger posed by an avalanche causes cracks in his marriage and relationships with his children. Cast: Johannes Kuhnke, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Clara Wettergren, Vincent Wettergren, Kristofer Hivju, Fanni Metelius, Brady Corbet, Karin Myrenberg Director: Ruben Östlund Genres: Dark comedy, Drama Production Co: Plattform Produktion, Film Väst, Coproduction Office, Beofilm, Société Parisienne de Production, Motlys Keywords: Amusing, 2010s, Transformation. Full Movie Force Majeure (2014) Streaming Online Part I - video dailymotion. Oh this must be salts sister pepper. Samo samo uugh.

At first I thought this was real. 126 customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. 17 October 2016 Verified Purchase If you don't want to use your brain, walk away. This is a tightly written drama, based on one event, and how both individual and herd behaviour work. Interesting filming technique with narrow angles on the main stars, few extra around, which puts a more magnified lens on the plot. At the end, you sort of leave with your own opinions as to what the last scene means when put alongside the key scene which sets up the film. Complex themes within what superficially seems like a simple plot. 23 October 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase I think maybe tough viewing if you're a man (or a manly man) because it'll test your ideas of manliness and how manly you think you really are, you big wimp! 16 July 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase I really enjoyed 'The Square' by the same director, although it meandered a little too long, i decided to look up what else Ostlund had directed, and although i enjoyed this less, i'm still glad i watched it, and much more interesting than many unoriginal films that there are out there. 1 December 2018 Format: DVD Verified Purchase Clever revelations of a strong man's weakness within the family with added twist illustrating wife's weakness without words. Very human story. Well worth reading slowly to pick up every nuance. Very Good indeed. 24 July 2016 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Excellent, thought-provoking movie - a proper grown-up film. Also worth listening is this great discussion of it between philosophers and psychologists. 16 April 2018 Format: DVD Verified Purchase Force Majeure DVD Well shot, thoughtful, amusing, uncomfortable family/relationship/male ego drama. 4 March 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Absolutely awful film. Its only saving grace are the lovely shots of the snow/ ski areas. 5 October 2018 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Bad description for film would never have bought it if I had known it was not in English and was all subtitled, very hard to get into the film and very poor plot not very exciting had to turn off before even half way through would not recommend There are 126 customer reviews and 133 customer ratings.

Perhaps the greatest album of Tangerine Dreams later classic period. Band members and their instruments: Edgar Froese – keyboards, electric & acoustic guitars, effects Christopher Franke – keyboards, sequencers Klaus Krüger – drums & percussion Eduard Meyer – cello Source: Tangerine_Dream_album. Lavina Watch stream new. Lavina Watch stream online. This wickedly funny and precisely observed psychodrama tells the story of a model Swedish family—handsome businessman Tomas, his willowy wife Ebba and their two blond children— on a skiing holiday in the French Alps. The sun is shining and the slopes are spectacular but during a lunch at a mountainside restaurant, an avalanche suddenly bears down on the happy diners. With people fleeing in all directions and his wife and children in a state of panic, Tomas makes a decision that will shake his marriage to its core and leave him struggling to reclaim his role as family patriarch. A wickedly funny psychodrama of a model Swedish family- Tomas, his wife and their children- on a skiing holiday. An avalanche suddenly bears down on them. Tomas makes a decision that leaves him struggling to reclaim his role as family patriarch. Cast: Johannes Bah Kuhnke, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Clara Wettergren, Vincent Wettergren, Kristofer Hivju, Fanni Metelius.

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